Denise is out of town planning her daughter’s wedding, so today it’s just No Filter Paul and Big A, as well as Paul’s nephew Christian.

We check out some news, and then get a phone call from the great Dennis Hof from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

He tells us some fun stories from the ranch, including the three-way with Ron Jeremy and Jim Norton.

He also tells us about some of the girls that are at the ranch now, and some of the strange going’s on there.

After Dennis gets off the phone we spend the rest of the show talking about more news, and watching some fun news stories.

We encourage Christian to admit he’s gay, but instead he just gives us 50 more reasons to think he is – especially when we read a story about a bionic penis, and Christian demands to see a cock picture.

We finish by sitting and waiting for Christian to come out, but he refuses!