No Filter Paul and Denise, regulars on the The Opie and Anthony Show, are joined by Big A as we cover some interesting news stories.

Then we are called by the legendary Joey Greco from the TV show Cheaters.

We discuss all manor of topics, regarding Cheaters and how it has affected reality TV as it stands now. Joey adds some interesting insites and stories from his tenure as host on the show.

We talk about what is in Joey’s future and can’t wait to see what’s next for him!

Alex and Chris from Paul’s office call to bust his ball as usually about weight loss surgery (again) and shitting on the seats at work no longer happening.since he has been out.

We finish talking about Denise taking Angel Dust and Acid in her late teens. Not on purpose though.

Next week we have the director from ‘Back in Time’ on to talk about the ‘Back to the Future’ 30th anniversary later this month.