Butch Patrick – Eddie Munster – The Munsters.

We start start with Denise talking about her fundraising project, Lacey Locals.

The we hear a clip from The Radio Freaks where Big A tells Tony he doesn’t talk during their interviews, which take up a lot of time on their show. They go on to say that if Big A wants to start a radio war hes got it. Fat Brian starts talking shit about us both losing weight, when he needs to more than us. And of course he says Paul cheated, so Paul calls him a fat leprechaun.

Next we have a great interview with Butch Patrick… Eddie Munsters from The Munsters.

Talks about the history of The Munsters and how he started in showbiz.

Explains why he left show business at 19, his hobby as a race car driver, relationships with crazy women, and his projects now including rebuilding his grandmas haunted house – where he grew up, paranormal projects, conventions and the Munster Kars…

Paul asks him to do a bumper for the show, and promptly forgets his first name.

We get back to the Radio Freaks audio clip, discuss Brian being a swinger and trying to bang all the porn stars he interviews.

Big A refuses to tell us why he suddenly has money.

We watch a ton of viral video, and Paul asks everyone if it is gay to lick your own cum off a girls ass and tits, and how Paul jerked off 26 times one night.

We push Big A to reveal where he makes all his money from but he keeps changing the subject.

A great fun show, enjoy!

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