Nina Hartley

The show opens with Chris does the intro and does a ok job. Waddle like a duck …Nina Hartley is on the phone …Nina is an exhibitionist. And sex is a skill you need to help people. Chris asking Nina why ladies hate guys who watch porn. Watch porn just to master bate and porn to watch together. Nina is a nurse too. Nina is trying to fix Paul and Denise. Nina was a stripper. Not sexually exclusive. Paul wants sex more than once a week and Denise is. Going through menopause. If Denise can dress sexy and cuddle with Paul and Paul could satisfy himself. Denise will give Paul sex 3 times a week if she. Does not have to see him. Talks about my marriage and I gave her. Anal so no baby . Strippers are shallow love at strip clubs. Strippers give guys. A false hope. To make money. Denise is a real DD and a squirter. Squirters are staged and is pee on pornos. Paul was the jerk off king at 17 .

Prostitution should be legal and de-criminalized and would help everyone and be better for everyone. Nina 32 years in porn and 33 years in the business. Her brother does not talk to Nina and one brother was not happy with her profession. She never worked or got. A paycheck from nursing. You cannot be squeamish . No dogs no kids no blood no poop . Got in porn by stripping and going to nursing school and. Wanted to do porn . First movie educating Nina 5 day shoot . By 14 15 wanted to be a whore . She was never monogamous . Juliet was a milf before milf was a thing. Make porn not TV .and you can do amateur porn and you can get 50% .

Porn is more staged and less passion Chris said . Chris loves Veronica Rodriquez . Girl girl porn and boy girl porn . Ron Jeremy did not treat girls good off set . Ron always looks like a slub and is not as able as he. Had. Been. Does not want. To work with minors a strict policy .angel Kelly and ginger Lynn and other porn actresses she liked to work with . Nina has. To have Chemistry with the guys . Different guys wanted different things with the pre scene flirt. Has to take glamour pics in different ways . Paul wants to know how to cum more . Nina and other porn actress’s has no list of porn actors to work with. Every guy love lesbian porn . Nina does not love snowballing . She hates to swallow cum .. Nina is bi sexual .

Skype is being retarded tonight . Nina was in a mainstream movie with William h Macy . And loved working with him . We lost Nina and have to reboot the computer and we’re talking about Mormon and can marry and have sex with many females . Paul and Denise are arguing about having 3 somes and Denise wants 2 men with her and Paul wants 2 girls with him . Paul has no romance according to Denise . Paul grabbed Denise breasts and called it romantic . Mating in captivity is a good book to read . Paul could up his texting game with Denise. Nina is accessing Paul and Denise’s life . And trying to help them . Denise only wants to have sex in the night time and bedroom and the lights off . Nina is not qualified to help Paul and Denise and they need a marriage counsellor. Role playing will work too . Nina is interested in sex . Only if her partner is also interested in sex .

Nina always want to do sex ed. Because she is a nurse to help people . Not every couple can do every position . Depending on the couples shapes . Nina always needs a vibrator . Gay is what you love and not what you do. Working on non-nudes with sex ed is very good to go to .paul is a asshole .

We had a great interview with Nina Hartley and very interesting too. The boy next door with Danny Lenko. .we want to interview him but no one has seen the program but Chris . We are working on interviews to have guests on our program . Denise over talks me once again and I can’t get a word in edgewise . There is. A Paul and Denise sex tape and when was it done .. Maybe a hour or less . Playing bumpers and we have. To get out of here . Paul is an attention whore . Playing Opie and Anthony audio of Paul doing his business in a diaper. We’re ending the show now .