Who will open  the show tonight? Denise is talking about penny shopping and biga athon to get biga in studio and if you donate any money biga will be in studio . and paul wants to sell biga rape athon and biga thinks its a bad idea . denise is a jew shopping with pennies and denise is in a Huff and can be denisepost and biga tells good news about his blood test reports…marion calls and is pissed off that her surgery was cancelled last min. marion does not want to be operated in new york Cornel hospital and paul and denise tell marion to change doctors and go to a better place and marion needs a hernia surgery .
marion is asking about bobo and bobos mom and asking about opie and jimmy and talking about anthony coming out of rehab and wondering how it went and biga did not answer the questions  on the phone. marion is talking about Lady DI and how she is doing? marion needs a new doctor . how about DR. Biga as her new doctor. Chris finally calls in and jumps in to the marion needs a hernia operation .
denise  needs  away time from paul and paul can be anti social sometimes and a big disscussion about mothers day and paul did not give denise  a mothers day card or  a meal. denise’s daughters boy friend treated  everyone  to  a mothers day meal . biga jew athon for biga . and denise  wants  biga to the show and  denise wants  to not be  at  the show. and biga may or may not gained weight and needs to go back to his trainer and not only go to a gym alone. and paul had surgery and did not lose weight the same way biga did .
chris gets on paul for talking about biga and paul is now going to a gym and biga put a alot of work and eating clean and healthy . paul and chris agree to disagree and they will not  change each other minds . chris says paul loves attention all the time . pauls goes off to everyone and says biga posts more pics of himself then paul and paul says if chris and denise dont like it unfollow him and gets very upset at every one and i think we hit a nerve and does not want to be called a narcissistic. having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.
paul is talking about chris’s dj job and how chris wears his hat. paul says  veronica rodriquez is single and chris  should do something  with her . chris  likes  to look at  porn and porn actresses . denise mother and chris’s mother should meet and would  be  fun .
we talk about denise asking Lee  tergesen is eating your own cum gay. and Lee said it is not Gay and denise tells Lee about what paul did and Lee says denise is lesbian if paul is  gay for eating cum  off of Denise’s ass and paul might be  a searcher 
paul is  so disgusting and comes up with the most disgusting things  ever and brings  up VRod and Chris loves Vrod. paul brings up a story matt has sex  with a slutty hot girl and her man comes up behind you and trys  to stick it  in his ass and  he  said he  left .right away. 
biga met ian halperin and ernie hudson and Kay Slesinger Rich and has a book called you’re IT and paul says biga only goes to Anthonys show because of naked girls and biga says it is not true .paul gives his  pros and cons of  being  a american Citizen which  he  is  not a American Citizen  yet . 
jimmy norton calls up between spots at the comedy cellar and jimmy also says its not gay if you eat your own cum off a girls ass. and jimmy had a good set at comedy cellar. and jimmy talks about doing a new special and is adding new things to his act . and paul was narcissistic to be on the O&A how and you have to be to do it . and paul was thinking about trying to try comedy and does not have the balls to try it. jimmy said paul should try a open mic as paul Field. jimmy has 2 trainers and goes to a gym 4 days a week . and jimmy had to go to another spot on a train but it was so cool for jimmy to call in .
paul talks about the 10 ten song make the most royalaties in england and names the top ten and gives clues to biga and chris. were talking about journey and steve perry .we talk about dice and his new show. and dice wore a shirt that denise made and dice still owns denise $300.00 for the shirts .
we are ending this show and thanks jimmy norton for being on the show. and we do the plugs and get out of here. we get side tracked with denise and paul talking sexy time