last week was  a cluster fuck and we lost alot of audio when Biga and Paul was  at American Ninja Warrior because the ustream screwed up and denise  was jealous of  us..we want  to thank Matt Iseman and American Ninja Warrior and  we  went  to  the  wrong vip tent and  had  fun and now were  talking  about Gavin at  Ants compound  party and got drunk and took his kids  to the party and he  was  found drunk in  the movie theater and  his  wife  was pissed off . Denise gave a female point of you of what happened. Chris called and  and  said   he  will only come  to the studio  when biga comes in the studio .Biga called  in to todays  show  and  Not  in Studio this week
chris  wanted  to know how paul  was Received at the Compound Party and Everyone  told  paul how  good  he looked at the  party and how  great  he  looked.. dont enter  a penis contest  in Russia and  bad  things  will happen  to you . chris and Paul talk  about  there job . paul and  denise  talks  about denises  next knee replacement and what will paul will do  to Satisfy himself and can eat  his  own  sperm all he  wants ..We are now talking  about the Ziki Virus and chris  said Biga  does  not  have  to worry  about the Ziki Virus, Denise is always putting paul down and  Paul hates  wents  he  gets put  down  by denise  and chris .
denise was tired  and sleeping  alot   at the  party and  we  all did Karaoke and biga and paul sang  and paul and carlton sang and denise  said Biga needs singing lessons and denise  said she  got  alot  of  compliments from everyone about  her  singing. denises family  sings  and is  Musical too . We  just  Played  a  clip of  Rays new song denises brother .
denise is  talking  bad  about  biga and says  it  takes him a long time  to answer and doing  something  during  the show  but  biga says he  does  the rundown during  the  show and  biga asked why Denise  is  sitting far from paul and denise  siad  paul has bad  body odor and paul  is  bragging about  having  sex with  denise  and denise  was  not  impressed at  all and  closed the lights  off and  why is  it everytime Denise  Attacks paul and  paul  must attack Biga and make  him look  bad .
paul got  his  cheapness and his  showering practices from  his family and paul was not  helping  his  case at  all . wow denise won  a contest at  a strip club  at  18 and drank free beer  all night . paul goes to the gym paul  is  talking  about  his fantasies and sexual fantasies and Chris  is dissappointed  in Lady Trucker and and paul  said biga would date  anyone . and paul is  a Asshole and said  i should Blow Charlie Sheen to lose alot of  weight  really fast.
chris wants  to help biga getting  laid and paul  is  not  helping putting  me  on Grinder and  is  really a asshole . and paul and  chris  asked  me  if  they could put  me on  a real relationship website and  biga  said  like  i have  a choice because  they put  me  on the grinder  site and there trying  to not  help  biga get laid and they are asking  biga how  much he  would charge  for different sex things .
paul  is bi-curious according  to chris. and  there trying  to get  biga Laid.
biga tells  everyone he  went  to  the playboy mansion and paul was so jealous and  biga  was  telling about how  he  found out and and  he  met  Hugh Hefner
chris  and paul are thinking  of ways  of  biga  making money  off his  O&A fame and doing  parties and making  money doing  Appearences for  fans  of  mine .
paul wants  to make
were  now talking about Trump and Hillary and dems hate Hillary so much . and  Muhammad Ali is  on Life  Support and  they might  pull the plug  soon and he  is  74  and  has  9 kids and its  very  sad about it .
were talking about  the Midddle school Teacher 24 and  got Pregnant from  a 13 year old student
paul is talking  again  about  his sexual fantasies and  a major disscussion about this and the teacher  had a abortion.
biga needs a bell to speak because everyone speaks over him and paul keeps playing palying  a bell and  biga does not have  a question  at this moment
denise  is  having her left knee done and  will have  both knees done and will be  feeling  so much better and pauls pool is getting  better and almost  there
paul will not help denise after  the hospital and biga helps denise from  the car and whenever denise  needs help. and biga  is nice  and  friendly and  does  not  made  movrs  on girls.
biga has a homework is go at a girl and no friendzone and just go right after a girl and  see what happens next
lets  end  this bollox and when biga  trys to give  his social media paul keeps  playing a loud horn over  and over  and  the show  is  now  over until next  week