who will do the opening this week?  jimmy does the opening  and  jimmy and chris  is in studio and biga on the phone . chris throws paul under the bus  in front  of denise and  denise  wants  to hear . paul has  a  new job and denise  has seen  how much  paul is  making because  she  gave  him oral treats 3  times this  week . chris  and  paul asks when  biga is going  to be  in studio and  they all say  when  biga  gets  gas  and  toll money and  chris asks if biga  is  coming  down  for exxxotica .

stevie lew is on the phone and paul is mad that biga did not call the show last week  because biga did the filming of star wars for East Side Dave . and stevie lew is promoting compoundmedia.com and eastsidedave show Star Wars. and now on youtube too .

we are now  talking  about  a future guest Rory Cowan from Mrs.Browns Boys . and paul  has  been tweeting  every cast  member  trying  to get  one of  them on our show  . we  all love  Mrs. Browns Boys so  much . we  are now  playing a  short  clip  of  Mrs. Browns Boys and  hope  not  get  flagged  for  the audio  not  the video .

were now talking about biga being  on eastside dave  show as  Moutain Dew Andrew and stevie Lew says biga  shines  on that show and also  talking  about  how  biga  gets  mad  at  everyone and does not  talk to anyone  for days. and they said  biga  should be at the studio  .

paul and denise is rehashing old stuff  of  how  both  of  them has cheated on each other and  it  has  been told  many  times  before . paul has  a  new job and  now one  knows  what  or  where but  is  making  more  money .  and  one  of  the  dogs  pulled  out  the  wire  to the internet  and the the show .

we are now  talking  about  Exxxotica again and if paul is  alloweed to do  a double  lapdance  like  biga  did last year for  $10.00 and  denise  said paul can get a  lapdance if  paul  takes  denise  to a place for  her  to  have  some  fun . we are  dscussing  the video that  biga  gets the double lapdance and  chris describes it  to Stevie Lew  and  everyone  is  joking  about biga  but  biga  was  too happy .

were talking about the opie and anthony reunion  call with  rich vos and paul mercurio and  paul got hammered on social media  for  making  it  about  himself and getting  off his  chest about  what happened years ago in the sex  for sam st pat’s cathedral. and paul  talks  about  his  book  he  wrote about hacking . A BRITISH HACKER IN AMERICA:


paul is  bi-curious  and  paul is  gay is said by everyone in studio and paul is a sick F**k and always  nofilter paul at  his  best . the  question asked is  have  you ever  got  a  rim job. paul  trys  to  get biga  to repaeat  a good  line  and biga  would not  do  it because  biga  knew  what was  coming next .

chris is  now talking politics and about Trump and Clinton and  talking  about  the next  debate and it  will be  on compoundmedia.com with Anthony and Gavin and  Pat 9pm sunday. how  much  does  chris  hates Clinton or  loves  trump?

were talking  about  Bailey Jay and and  paul  tries  to  get  jimmy  to like  the  bailey  jay picture without  telling  jimmy  the full story and  everyone  was  laughing too . were now  asking  who  each  of  us would have  sex  with  and  the choices is very  bad and no winners between them .

stevie  will be  going  out  to Crooklyn tonight to  hang  out  and do  the  town on a  friday night . its  this time  of  the  show we do  news  stories and some  to most are so  bad and  really  and  terrible  stories . paul  and denise  are  arguing  and stevie  and  chris is fanning  the fire so badly.

were now talking  about biga  and getting biga  laid  and  stevie thinks  he  could help  get  biga laid and  help  him to be  able  to  approach the ladies . and  now  everyone  is  making  fun of  biga and there keep trying  to figure out  how biga  get  get  laid .so paul asked stevie what his gameplan is  to  take  out  biga and hang out .

we did the  stevie  lew bumper and the  plugs and lets end  this bollox and  this  was  a  fun show tonight