No Filter Paul and Denise, regulars on The Opie and Anthony Show, present their weekly mess!

This time we start off with some of the current news stories.

Then we join a huge simulcast with Big A, Live from the Morgue, Disruptive Radio, some of the Radio Freaks and some of their other regulars. They host their first drinking game, and Denise gets really into it – not realizing the guys are doing shots of beer and she is doing shots of wine instead. Things get really out of hand as she gets really fucked up and starts talking shit about Paul. She reads a poem she has written about him, and then gets really ill, as she runs for the bathroom.

The rest of the night is spent talking about various topics as we check in with Denise as she pukes and complains about the room spinning.

We finally get her safely into bed, and she passes out next to a bucket.

Thanks for a great time guys, longest show ever, clocking in at over 4 hours. Hilarious!