We interview the wonderful Candy Finnigan, one of the interventionists from A&E TV’s show Intervention.

We talk about how she got into the business, and some the behind the scenes parts of an intervention.

Rev. Bob Levy calls to discuss his Xanax addition, and manages to wind Candy up.

We try for 30 minutes, and we eventually get Lady Di from Opie and Anthony to call and discuss her alcoholism.

She spends most of the complaining to Candy that Opie and Jim Norton wouldn’t let her into the studio yesterday, and that is more important than her health problems.

Eventually Candy offers to help her off the air, and we manage to hang up on her.

Just as she hangs up she asks No Filter Paul to ask Anthony if she can get unbanned from The Compound.

I don’t know if giving Candy’s number to Lady Di is such a great idea.

Candy offers to call back and continue the insanity again soon.