Jimmy Graham Comedian

We are joined by Jimmy Graham. We discuss kids with addictions, his non profit org he just started for parents with addicted kids. Putting signs on drug dealer’s front lawns.

Strange drinking laws around the world.

Wife swapping and threesomes, his old BDSM days with his wife.

How his wife’s vagina is now out of commission, and he hasn’t taken his socks off in 20 years.

Sex with wife after 33 years of marriage.

Remembering Twitchel’s birthday party with Jimmy Snuka and King Kong Bundy, plus stealing food to take home.

Bowling alley gigs.

Jimmy tries to do a bumper for us, but has nothing.

We think he has hung up but he can’t work his new phone… shouts fuck you as we are talking about him (not badly though)

An excellent show! Really enjoyed Jimmy Graham! He was on for nearly two hours!