pat dixon calls in to the show and  it  is  a  thank you fest for being on the dysfunctional podcast. and pat and paul is  making  fun of biga’s speech . paul asks pat what did he think  of  the last  presidential debate. Pat thinks  trump is the man  and  thinks  he  handled himself very good. pat is  talking positive about trump and negative about  hillary and  how  she  is  and a liar and cant  tell the truth ever.

Pat said he  cant  have  sex from behind because his wife is  6 foot 2 and  very  tall in a small space. and paul said he  watched biga  on cam with a girl  from new zealand and  me  and  denise. said  paul is bi-curious or  gay and pat said he  is  not  bi-curious he  at this point  is  bi-committed . we are talking about Lainie’s bachelor party at headquarters and Dynamite Sex @hotdynamite she  put  biga ffot  with  a condom in the  holy area and jammed it in hard  and they made  fun of biga. and paul says biga  cant  afford to go down  to south jersey

paul always brings up how biga likes denise  and likes denise  alot and  here we go again and he  always  brings  up how O&A thought paul and denise  and  biga  was together  as a couple . mandy gets on the phone and paul  brings  up on her new  article ‘Is Watching a Cam Girl Cheating?’ and Other Modern Fidelity Dilemmas. @mandystadt on twitter. Mandy asks where Paul and  denise live  and Mandy brings the funny. were  talking  about Mandy’s  articles and  her apartment and paul ask mandy about  robots  that have sex and  Vr systems and they have  sex Occulus on beta now .

Mandy is a  Hillary supporter and Pat  is  a Trump supporter and that makes  life  more  interesting . mandy does have  problems with hillary  with  the  emails and the clinton foundation and  conflicts but  she  is  still voting for Hillary. now we are talking about the  attacks on the internet today that came  in waves and  shut  down several popular websites .