DENISE does a great opening and talks about our guest Lee tergesen and chris calls in and they tried to call biga and had tech issues and finally biga is on the line . were talking about our guest Lee Tergesen. talking about paul’s hygiene when denise first met paul and paul wants Lee to call now to take the pressure off of paul. chris has bad  allergies and talks about that. paul and denise talks about mothers day next weekend . our guest is late calling us and we hope he did not forget us or a timing issue . paul and denise are arguing about text messages . pauls new friend on facebook is  steve nigg and he punched jared fogle and he cant run his own facebook because he is in prison
denise was suppose to meet paul at a wawa after paul got gas and denise went to the wrong wawa and paul had to leave and denise wanted to go to a big sale at a supermarket . and paul hates to be late and get there before his boss. paul is talking about his job. paul is asking denise how much he has to give to get a sex act from her. paul got sex last night and should be happy .
paul asked biga whats new and biga is trying find out whats new and told him i had a sad day his mom passed away 2 years ago and he trying the best he can .
paul is trying to track down the agent to see what happened to our guest LEE Tergesen.
denise asked biga what he is doing this weekend and biga is just watching dad and hopefully get a workout in and denise is back to PT and paul left messages for Lee Tergesen agent. and denise is getting her other knee replacement in june .
paul ask denise if she knows how to video podcast because on denises camera is poland spring water bottle and then we talk about saturdaymorning at pauls house and paul sleeps in and when biga slept over denise and biga would have coffee and talk and paul thinks more happens and paul is wrong.
chris is stirring shit about things paul did a few years ago with work people.
bobo calls in and the fun will start now . mrs kurlan gets on the phone and paul asked her if knowing she had a retard would she not want him and mrs kurlan said she would hit paul lol. bobo is 34 tomorrow is his birthday and bobo is going to a mets game and bobo talks about his show cohosting with colin quinn. paul is asking bobo really wrong questions . mrs kurlans talks bad about asians and works around them..mrs kurlan does asian impersonation and biga thinks mrs kurlan should call in every week and is so funny.biga got bobo so good repeating  a bad line and biga said we heard you stupid.
mrs kurlan and denise talks about childbirth and leaves the men out of the conversation and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mrs kurlan is a nurse.
marion is calling in and she is going through anxiety problems and the  the same thing paul went through and has a surgery coming up too. marion was in 2 car accidents. and drug talk and women talk with denise . lady di is in a nurse home and there not helping her and all she does is eating and walking. marion visits Lady di as often as she can and talks  to her  all the time. its so sad to hear about Lady Di.
marion talks to biga and asks him how he is doing and then we talk about stalker patti and biga and marion message patti all the time . marion talks about she is in therapy and waht she  does to help herself. denise is  trying  to DR phil marion and asks marion questions  about  her  life.
we ended  the show and  hopefully get  Lee on next  week and  i think he  will call in 11:15pm est and  be  off  3  hours