The  show  begins and  who  will do the intro Paul or Denise. Denise does  the intro and Chris  is  in studio and talking about Princes death. i joined the conversation and paul is smashing me for not being there. and chris said if paul gave me money i would go to the studio and biga told them he is taking care of dad and looking for a job and paul is a asshole. talking about princes music and clothing and how he was. paul finds a tape about ? paul is farting all over the place and ewwwwwwwwww . there waiting for princes autopsy. paul and his narcissism. its hot in studio . paul is a prick says denise and paul says can we have a show without a fight . we talk about bonnie and pat dixon and rich vos and luis j gomez co hosting and co guesting for TACS. and bonnie walks off when pat dixon talks about retards should not fuck and should be in cages and bonnie has a retarded relative. opie and anthony spermball. and who has a higher sperm count . paul licks his sperm . paul and chris and biga will do a sperm off and see who has the higher sperm count. biga is so happy he is not in studio . paul is playing the most vile videos. paul is talking about his weight and what he eats .
paul and denise and chris talking about cheaters the program. were now talking about chynna and how she died. were talking about Bailey Jay . talking about pauls sex life and his life in England. talking about the first cars . talking about biga health and was pre diabetic with 6.3 A1C and now its 5.8 and normal.
paul is in trouble for having pictures with denise on his dropbox. paul loves taking selfies in the mirror of himself . talking about pauls diet and what he eats and how much it costs . bobo talk and bobo blew off the show for a uncle paulis getting barraged by chris and denise for not always smelling pleasant .
denise is  talking  about pauls habbits and paul takes denise  to a thrift shop and  now  paul and denise are arguing about not  going  anyplace  because denise cant walk much and paul cant drink or eat  much either.
is paul racist that is said by many people ? paul and chris talk about there job and workers and about food and strip clubs near there job . paul makes cd’s of his appearences on O&A. paul is disgustng and really sick and addicking about sex.
..paul works in the hood and feels out of place when going to the local stores.
talking about old commercials and old programs and songs .
paul and chris is talking about a gay co-worker . paul asked biga what he is doing this weekend/week spending his money and not going to the show .denises brother came in to surprise her from Tenn. chris is a shit stirrer and helps denise talk shit about paul all the time . paul and denise give 5 reasons why they like each other . there delving in to there toxic relationship and they argue so much .
were going to end this Bollox and end this shit