Biga does the intro for todays show. and chris could not bother calling in for a music guest and he is a dj. talking about biga new trainer is himself. and im feeling better . denise has the biggest ass and broke the toliet seat . and ragging on chris . paul is being told as always taking the easy way out and a cheater . paul and denise are argueing . paul thinks denise has ocd. and we talk about our guest who were calling in soon. we talk about Anthony being in rehab. and if he will drink after he comes out of rehab and he should have sex rehab . we called our guest–Snow (Darrin Kenneth O’Brien)and denise reads the preshow intel and she is surprised he is in toronto. he was born and raised in toronto canada.he got his convinence in singing in jail and the jamaicans accepted him because of his love of reggae.
the browns showed him reggae music and his family controlled his neighborhood and he loves MC Shan who produced his first albulm .Bob Marley made snow and his love of reggae he throws concerts and benefits for the kids in his old neighborhood and gives them icecream and everything free of charge . Toronto is fun in the summer time and Dysfunctional Podcast should make a road trip this summer . There tearing down his neighborhood becaus it is a prime location he is the first person to move into his neighborhood he lives in now . nobody can walk in there neighborhood. MC Hammer is Gangsta . he had celebrity now in his high school . and he used to drink sherry . growing up in Allenbury .they charged him for 2 attempted murders and he was 18 years old and they attacked his family too. he was humming reggae and hanging with the the african americans and 60,000 bail and beat the charges and got arrested for another charge.
he has a year off and the judge wanted to give him 2 years and he only gave him one year and when he is in jail and his video  was on tv and he got a weekend pass to film a interview with muchmusic and he had to go back to jail. He got threw out of America because of is crimal past . In 1993 and was thrown out of japan too . he was t his lawyers office to come back into USA and he gets a year pass and have to renew every year its almost a grand a year . Darrin has not get in trouble since 1997. and does not drink anymore. DaRRIN Never smoked in jamaica  but only drank.
weed should be legal. and if you cant drive and have to pay for the ankle bracelet and how can you pay for everything . Darrin could of done country and other things but kept with reggae . paul said it most of been good with all that informer money and darrin said he wishes someone would inform him where the money is . he loves giving charity and if he was super rich he would give so much to everyone . The first time he went to jamaica he was so nervous and if he would be accepted.
paul asks darrin if he has alot of music already done and he says he is not telling paul and if paul wanted to kil him and we all laughed . paul and denise went to a club with African americans and they were the only white people and were accepted and had a great time and met a couple and had a great night .he met the mayor of toronto once when he was in school .
Darrin will not do anything he does not like and will not not be told to do anything . he will do anything for kids and adults . darrin is a real person and not phony and his family would kill him
they told darrin that biga has a speech impediment and he has not talked much during the interview and he said hi to biga and then biga asked a question that was not a great question if he met robert deniro who produced Prison Song and he never met him .
darrin is getting married next month . and going to Ireland for his Honeymoon.
he took Nick Carter to the Jungle in Jamaica and took him to a Reggae part  of  Jamaica . paul asks darrin  .to do a bumper and it is so funny he had to right down our names and our show name and it took a few times to get the bumper out right and it was so awemsome . and darrin hangs up and we loved the interview and he was a great person and almost 2 hour interview. and we teased next weeks guest. and talked about paul and denise hanging out at a black club and they were the only white people and had a great night with them. we end  the show talking  about my social media  plugs and  The  show  ends see ya  next  week