Ginger Lynn Allen

We start the show talking about some movies we have recently seen and enjoyed, especially Amy and Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves.

Then we are joined by the fabulous Ginger Lynn Allen.

We talk about how she got into porn, and her early family life.

She describes an encounter with Ron Jeremy, where he raped her. She tells us she has many other women who experienced the same thing with him.

She describes what happened to her after she refused to testify against the porn industry in the Traci Lords case, and ended up in Federal prison for tax fraud.

We also talk about who she enjoyed working with, and she tells us that thinks Traci Lords is a bitch and a cunt!

She talks about her time dating Charlie Sheen in the early 90s, and him going thru rehab with her.

We discuss the current state of porn, and how the business has changed since the 80s – and how the movies just aren’t the same.

We end the interview by making arrangements for Ginger to eat Denise’s pussy. I’m buying airline tickets as we speak!

We end the show with talking about rape fantasies, and the difference between actual rape, compared to a partner just not being in the mood and giving in to satisfy the other partner.