No Filter Paul, Matt, Chris, Big A, Bobo, Dredd

In this week’s episode we take it old school and bring together some of our old friends from around the country.

Chris is in studio with No Filter Paul as they discuss the Coloroado Springs shootings, and many other fun topics.

We talk about people starting Go Fund Me’s when they won’t need the help among other things.

Denise derails the show to shout at Big A about his Exxxotica video, and tears up No Filter Paul about their relationship (audio removed at Denise’s request)

The show is then very mellow until we get Bobo on the phone, and he admits he would like to have sex with Big A for a bottle of win, plus he would like to sleep with Lady Trucker.

A quick Lady Di update.

Bobo says his penis is bigger than Big A’s. Chris checks out the video to give us a definitive answer.

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