We start the show talking about who should do the intro, as Paul sucks at it.

We discuss Lady trucker and Big A’s upcoming date.

Talking about our buddy Jimmy has no class, and he would bang anything. Denise disagrees.

They say Paul has gay feelings. They say dancing to gay music makes you gay. Paul ate his own cum.

Also, Paul would finish with a transsexual if he started with anal and didn’t know until her flipped ‘her’ over.

Paul had a finger up his by Denise.

Shawn Wayans calls in to the show.

Paul says he’s living in a big house with that Scary Movie money.

Talks about he got into listening to comedy asKeenan was a big Richard Pryor fan.

Talking about having Eddie Munster on our show, and if he still has the same hairstyle.

Chris asked him when he started DJing, and Shawn wondered if he ment did he learn inside the VJ.

Paul says he got bootlegs of In Living Color sent over to the UK, and Shawn says he must have been desperate for a laugh being in London.

He’s working on an adult cartoon project he can’t mention.

Talking about Scary movie.

Shawn likes doing comedy over drama, but would give it a try.

Shawn wants to make the world laugh.

Shawn talks about his upcoming dates and signs off.

We talked about how great the Shawn Wayans interview was so good.

Talked about Joey Greco from Cheaters, and how some of it was fake. He was a great geust.

The new host is kinda lame.

Back to Paul is Gay. More gay talk with Paul.

Talking about Lady Trucker.

Talking about Jimmy Norton’s house is a museum of Hollywood collectables and autographs.

Jack Littman is our guest next week …

Listening to Ray Aaron…less beautiful then you… with out stepping all over it (for once).

Talking about Denise replaced knee progress

Talking to Ray Aaron on the phone about his song …Ray did not write his song and the co writer wrote it and you can buy it on iTunes now, and later when the CD comes out

Talking about future Country guests ray will interview

Talking about Paul losing weight and how good Paul looks

Talking weight loss.

Talking about Paul’s family.

Paul brother was the black sheep of the family and died over drugs

Talking about Lady Di

Denise plays a recording of Paul on Valentine’s Day …what is flash freezing?

Talking about Shawn Wayans PR lady loved listening to the interview.

Talking about past interviews with Bree Olsen.

Dysfunctional podcast will be on Google Music for Podcasts, we were approved and will start soon.

Talking about Vinyl the show on HBO…..

Talking about Chris finally getting on Twitter now…

We’re taking about Shawn Wayans interview again and how great it was.

The power went out for a 10th of a second maybe a power surge…

Paul’s daughter pops in and talks bad about her dad not getting laid.

Show ends with plugs and good bye all.

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