matt iseman bumper and the opening  and Matt iseman mentioning that paul and biga  was at the philly filming of american Ninja Warrior and how much weight Paul has lost. paul did the opening and denise is getting out of jail tomorrow and pauls life will be work and taking denise and paul is working on his hottub and keep finding more leaks
we mentioned how to pronounce akbar last night akbar gbaja-biamila and biga saw the shows friend matt iseman
guy got his pizza order wrong and shot the pizza delivery guy and the person who ordered the pizza who drunk and naked
meatloaf collapsed during his concert and he was out cold and still singing so is that a problem of maybe being recorded
theres over 600 cameras in england and they record everything . someone walked into the dollar general and got arrested for printing out there own coupons
where is chris and is suppose to call in and he needs to give paul hi-def hi res pics so paul could make a awesome website for chris
theres a big vote in england for them to leave europe. A referendum is being held on Thursday, 23 June, to decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union. This article is designed to be an easy-to-understand guide – if you have any questions you can send them in using this link. We’ll be answering a selection at the bottom of the page.
chris will be calling in a few min after he eats a quick dinner
chris finally calls in and how was his dinner . and  we discuss how  i was  pissed off with patti loud tv in the background and  a few other issues bothering me . and  chris  asked biga he  sent a gift to denise for her  2nd knee replacement and  biga said  no because  of Lack of funds and  paul visits  denise
another hottub discussion with chris  and  paul zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
paul wants  to do standup at open mics and  needs time to work out  his  routines and he  is  working  at  his  job and visting denise  everyday . and  next  week will will do a show  with Live from the Morgue and  we  should put together our own top 50 list .borefest(j/k guys).
marry kill F**k Game with a few  people lady di and lady trucker and  patti. and  denise  is  listening  to the show  and  we  all say hi to denise and  talk about paul doing  Laundry and  we  talked about it  over  40 min ago .
chris and paul talk about there job and and biga is  just listening to this  Bollox and doing  the rundown for  the youtube of the show .
paul is  talking about  how good the british Office is  and  there doing a movie  of The British office . and paul plays  a small clip of  the teaser just posted of  the  new movie
michael lee called up and he calls  up all the time to the anthony cumia show . and  we  talk about hillary and trump talk .chris  and michael talk politics paul is  a genius for getting michael to call in and get chris started talking about politics and  he  is  very opinionated . we talking  about OJ Simpson and how  guilty we  think he  is  and  everything that  happened and he  got off because  he  had  some much  money  to pay for  the best lawyers 
breaking news out of bucks county guy gets arrested for having kids in his house and the guy payed and helped the family and  was  gived there A former Amish couple is accused of “gifting” their 14-year-old girl to a Lower Southampton man — who then fathered the teen’s two children — to bail them out of “financial ruin.”
were playing a old bit  from Opie and Anthony about  telling  a kid  that there is no Santa Claus it is  your  dad . and  the  kid  screams . Biga sent  paul a news  clip  while  we were bored here and  it  was about  a 2 people lit fireworks in a phoenix walmart and  there looking for  them .
we ended  this  Bollox  of  a  show and  it  was a good show and  the  plugs  were  given