Denise and paul open this show and they open the show talking about the British vote and there out of the EU and the big news .. chris is not calling and biga can get a word in. biga asks how denise knee replacement .and this new knee replacement is harder then the first one and more pain and was crying in rehab today a

marion calls and has been off of work for 4 weeks after her hernia surgery . biga tried to get a date from patti and it did not work out . More denise knee replacement talk and next week denise can go swimming and pauls pool is great now . if paul gets the hot tub biga has to bring bobo doing a show from the hot tub.

rehab talk with denise and how terrible the nursing home was she was in 12 days .
paul needs thank you for everything he does . and marion has no other good news . Medical talk with denise and marion and Biga has to listen to it all zzzzzzzzzzzz and the top 50 list is looking good to us .we talk about how good anthony is doing and feeling great .

we are suppose to call in to Live from the Morgue and there on and denise and paul and Live from the morgue there talking and trying to get biga online
tim canvanaugh called in to Live from the morgue .

biga is online and tim canvanaugh the comic is having dinner and left us and we are having a free for all talking and this will turn in to a cluster fuck
pat dixon of NYC crimereport on

we bailed out of the 20 people and 3 podcasts and biga and paul ended this Abortion of a Podcast tonight we might or might not have a show next week