Denise had a off day and a migraine. we talk about a very horrible story.


We discussing this thing in full and Denise as a mother would never want any of her 3 kids to be touched by anyone .

cop shoots a perp in Toms River NJ . who pulls a gun on the cop . Another July evening in America has been ruined by police shedding blood over a broken tail light, an african-american man’s life ended too soon in the tragic video below, Facebook live streamed from his car.

“Stay with me,” said Lavish Reynolds onto Facebook Live video, “We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back. And the police… they just killed my boyfriend”

Her four year old daughter was in the car too.

A Minnesota police officer appeared at the window moments later.

“FUCK!!!” yelled the Roseville Police officer through the window.

“He just shot his arm off,” said Reynolds to the camera.

“I told him not to reach for it,” the frazzled Minnesota cop yelled, “I told him to get hands up!”

“You told him to get his id,” said Reynolds, “his driver’s license. Oh my lord, I hope he’s not dead, I hope he didn’t go like that.”
we are talking about getting pulled over and what we do and if we are ever told to get out of the car during a pull over .

Ustream sucks and blows and we are using Youtube Live and it is so much smoother and so much better and works amazing .

Hilary Clinton gets away with so much over a private email server and she does not think that she did anything wrong Amazing .we are now talking about Chicago and gun control and laws too . why do priests always go after kids

we are planning to do a special show tomorrow with a special crime guest with specially NY and he is supposed to call in to talk about Dallas and other stories too

we are now talking the animated movie The sausage movie and Paul likes it and would see it and we heard a little of the trailer and sounds like fun .

we should end this bollocks and we had a good show and now the plugs and see you tomorrow for our special show

Rundown by Big A.