Denise is chewing oreo mint in the mic and paul asked biga how he could look for  a job if he  is always going to Anthony’s show but  biga has been giving  in applications  online  and  in person
were talking  about  the coup of the turkey president and the dont  want him to be  in power. turkey president went on his  iphone facetime to tell his  people  not  to let  the military to let the coup take over .
bobo calls in to congratulate us  for our 50th episode and bobo wants to buy Matt Iseman a fitted mets  baseball hat and why does poor people want to buy celebs things  when  they have  enough money to buy there own things
mrs kurlan is thanking us  for  being great  to bobo and congrats for  50th episode and mrs kurlan talks about where  she  and  here family were born . mrs kurlan asks denise  her  name every week she  calls in to the show . Wow chris calls in finally and cant wait  to find  out  why he  called in and what is  new  with DJ sub english. bobo almost  died as a kid  and had  alot  of operations and was  in  a coma . paul said nobody missed chris
bobo sister was brooklyn cyclone baseball dancers
biga phone  call was  dropped and he  is  listening on line  to the show . and DYsfunctional Podcast has  now  turned in to DR.Phil and the vagina monolouges and denise  said  she  did not  love  paul and is doing  the  show  for paul  only .
we should have a dysfunctional podcast event  on a cruise  and  who  would be  thrown off first bobo or  paul and mrs kurlan and  denise  tried  to talk  to biga  but  biga is  not  online and mrs kurlan and denise  are talking  about how  bobo is and  bobo took one year of  college and got sick and had  to stop but  he  will go back to school .
bobo dad died of cancer and had a step  dad and wanted  mrs  kurlan to get  rid  of bobo and the step dad had  to leave. mrs kurlan loves  anthony and thinks  biga  is  like  a big brother  to bobo . mrs  kurlan kind  of  admits that bobo was jacking  off all the time and mrs kurlan wants  to have a Labor Day party and cook  food  for  everyone . paul is saying  the most  funniest  things  to mrs  kurlan a nd  is making everyone  laugh but  denise .
bobo was in drivers ed and bobo’s sister has  her  drivers  permit and bobo has not  has his Drivers Lic yet but  trying . and mrs kurlan is  the only  person working  in that household and she  will do anything for her  kids and bobo boss called him a retard and has  not paid bobo  and  then let bobo go and  bobo boss  is  a  dick mrs kurlan has  called  him . and paul got mrs kurlan to cry and she  said fuck you paul for making me  say what she said  and  cry too.
paul asked mrs kurlan if  she  does not  like  black people and  she  changes the topic and tells biga  how good  he  looks and how great  he  is  doing and  says  she  has  no problem with black  people at  all .. The N work has nothing to do with color but  has  to do with how they  act .
pauls phone system dropped everyone and  we  all called back and paul is  trying  to help biga  to get a girl and  mrs kurlan thinks highly  of  biga  and  thinks how  nice  and sweet biga is  and  biga  can find  a  girl on his own…mrs kurlan daughter is  19 years old and its always better as a teen . and  paul  is an  awful person .
mrs kurlan loves to cook and cook for people and have  invited  us  over  for a  meal  and a glass of  wine . and mrs kurlan says bobo knows  how  to cook a few of  her  meals  not  too long . paul asked chris if he can teach bobo how to Dj and we should have  bobo and biga rent  them  for  parties and events . we found  out  how  daniel kurlan because bobo when his sister was born and could not say brother and  daniel and  not  bova and  that turned  in to bobo The history of Bobo .
bobo home  phone died and and chris thought Anthony was suppose  to  call in and and Anthony  is  on Keith boat and  they are  on fire island . it  was so awkwark to hear  mrs kurlan crying .
paul played a video of this guy keeps ejaculating over 100 a times a day and has  a condition and we wondered if biga  and bobo had  this condition  how  it  would turn out  for  them . we are now  talking  about the horrific truck accident in Nice france  for  the bastille holiday and  he  killed 84  and injured and badly injured more people.
chris  says that a cleaner  at there job said  to chris that paul  does not  look healthy and thinks paul has aids  or  some  kind  of  diease. and paul has lost  alot  of weight . denise  was on the phone  with a friend of  her moms and denise mom is  not  talking to denise  now . there is all this drama with denise  and  her family
we got a email from Syndey Leathers people and she  would talk about  about anything but Anthony Weiner and  we dont  know if  we want to have her on air .
biga asked chris  what he thinks about donald trump picking Mike pence as vp and alot of negative stories of  being  governor  of  indiana and what he did .
denise had   a reddit comment about her and  we did the plugs and and  will get out  of  here till next week
the shpw is  almost over and then we talk about denise want  to build a webstore  website and they have to judge how  to charge  for  shipping  and handling depending  on the prices of  the product but  denise has  so much items  it  is  hard to price  the shipping correctly and denise  can make  a profit  and not  lose money  or not  to make  a profit .