denise opens  up the show and  biga asks denise  how is she feeling and  she is  feeling better and cant sleep . and biga asks paul if he heard hillary speech and  he said  he  did not watch and a most of  the results is pre determined and might not be up to us and paul thinks trump will win for sure . pauls ex coworker Luis  called in and is  a big bernie supporter and hates hillary too. and he speaks of his thoughts and is  not  making much sense and feels  confident of his  thoughts . and  is not voting  for hillary . and thinks  trump is worse then hillary .

sean morton a comic  calls in and  Luis is  still on the line. and sean is  not sure  who he  is  voting for yet and could vote  for anyone . and we push luis off the phone  and Sean is having  time  to shine  now . sean has a podcast with his wife giovanna Wedlocked( )  and giovanna had  breast cancer and is  doing  much better and will remove  both breasts and have  it  reconstruction and the chances  of  cancer coming back is  very small .

sean is giving paul marriage advice and denise knew she was going to be married  to a asshole and denise and paul will be married 19 years on this coming tuesday and  sean and  giovanna has been married 11 years .  and  paul and denise talk about  how they met on the BBS and how  they sent  pics  of  each other  . denise wants to talk  to giovanna on the phone and wants to hear  from her  too .

paul mentions to sean that he wants  to try comedy and jim norton told  him he  should try it and dont do it in front of your friends because  they know you and  will left  at  you no matter what . and  sean said he  woud help paul and go to a open mic  with him .

we talked  about mike  ward being  sued for a total of $42,000 for  making  a joke about  a handicapped kid ( )

michael Lee called up and asked if paul watch the hillary speech and paul told him no body really cares about hillary or the speech. and michael does not  know who  sean morton is and  paul gives him 30 secs to say whatever he  has  to say and told him to call back  at  12 midnight

denise is  not  saying paul has a small penis and wants a refund  and  paul and denise  argue as always . paul talks  about  the first  day in the USA and he introduction  to white castle burgers. paul asked  sean if  he  will ever consider the same weight losss surgery as  paul had  and  sean said he  will never  had  this surgery .

paul and denise  discuss how paul is  not  getting sex as discussed last  week and  there telling sean about  it  and  ask sean opinion . this turns in to concert talk and Sean talks about  GNR concert  he  went  to 3  times  the  past week . paul  asks the  same question to sean is eating  your own semen off your wifes ass is  it  gay or  ok and sean would not do that and denise thought it is  really disgusting .

pauls tells the story of a lady with 2 cheeseburgers takes a dump on the bench infront of pauls  job and wipes her butt and  puts  it  back in the bag  and leaves the bag  and  chris  who sometimes calls in to this  program and he picked up the bag  and  had no idea  what happened and chris  works in newark and and  asked  for sex  and  she  admitted  she  had  aids

bobo got  jerked off by east side dave for  $20.00 and paul plays video of it . and how  horrific it  was  and  biga  was at the show . and bobo mom cried because  bobo does not  have  many friends and bobos mom thanked  us  and  matt iseman from american ninja warrior . and is bobo  retarded or what is  wrong  with bobo ?


biga tells paul that his  name  was  not  mentioned or talked  about for  over a hour and now  he  is asking questions for  him . we discuss if bobo  and  biga is  taken advantage  of by everyone and  biga  says he  knows  what he  was  getting into and biga has  met  people and done things he  would  never  ever  done with out this fame . and paul showed  pics  of biga being jerked  by a porn star and biga  was very  proud  of his time  with flower tucci and  being squirted on and  had  a target  on his  face

paul tells sean that Biga was married  to a trinidad women to help her get  a green card and he  was only  allowed  to give her  anal so she  would not get  pregnant and biga  says paul is  bringing up all the things about  biga history .

paul and  denise  brings  up about  there  sex life again and  paul wanted to buy sexy lingerie and  denise  does not wear  it and she  is  not  a whore and sean does not  believe in sexy lingerie and  thinks  it  is  a waste  of  money . and now  paul is  playing clips of Sean and Giovanna podcast wedlocked.

paul  is a asshole says from biga and paul is  gay and denise  says  the same thing and paul is  Bicurious and denise  says she  is  bicurious and had a drunken thing with a blonde female.

michael Lee called back and said  he hated hillary clinton speech and michael said he  will vote for Gary Johnson ( ) and  paul said nothing michael said makes  any sense and tells hm explain himself. and  he  tries  to tell paul why he  likes Gary Johnson . michael hopes gary  johnson takes votes from either hillary or trump . and  michaels finally hangs  up  its  about time . is a new app and  how  lazy can  you be  and  paul and  sean are thinking about doing  fun pranks and  video tape it and  that would be  so much fun .

we thank sean morton for being on the show  and  we  do the plugs and we will end  this  show  until  next  week