Guest Mr. Marcus

chris opens  up the show and says biga is  not  in studio and chris hardly comes  in studio or  calls and biga has been in studio  more times then chris. Paul has  a  admirer at  work and she  said  he looks good  but  denise has things  to say about  that  denise complains about  paul looks  like  and  how he  uses  his penis. paul talk about how biga is  good  friends with Lainie who represents alot  of  Porn stars and is  also at  headquarters and  can  take  pics  at there.

paul is  jumping all over biga and says  how can he be  looking for a job  if  he  is always  at  Anthonys show at  Compound Media . and we are talking  about  future guests. Frank DiMatteo and JASON STUART. and were talking about Carlo Bellario and  denise and paul did his podcast  ANIMAL HOUSE RADIO and paul will try to do comedy but  should not  have  people who he  knows should  be  there so he  only  has  people there  who  does not know  him .

denise complains she  did not  get  much  for  her  19th wedding  Anniversary and paul is  cheap and will not  take  care of denise and  paul is  talking about  what he  eats and what it  coats and talks  about  his  bills and how  much money comes in too . and  biga  cooks  for  his  dad and he  cooks  everything  and paul jokes about  that .and we now are now  talking about  brian smith from radio freaks who is a friend of  us and  commenting about  our  show and paul is making fun of brian and it  would be nice if  he  calls  in to our  podcast .

we are waiting for  Mr.Marcus to call in and  just filling  time till he calls and chris asks paul to show a video of  biga and biga  thinks that is  a bad  idea and the  wheels are falling  off the show  now  and  we  need Mr. marcus to call in ASAP.

paul and denise is  arguing and going back and  forth about being together and they are truly a dysfunctional couple . wow things are taking  a turn for  the worst  and denise  is screaming at paul and says  if paul says  another word she  will do bad  things  to paul during his sleep

the computer blew up and  not  recording and we are off  the air  now  so  we  are  talking and  it is  not  being  recorded and  no one  can hear  us  and paul is so pissed and angry over bad  technology

we  are  back  on live  and the computer  was restarted and we are back to this Cluster Fuck of  a podcast  this  week. paul is  talking  about the  girl he  had sex with who is  handicapped and in a wheel chair and paul and  denise and chris  is making  fun of  paul right now and he  disusses what happened when he  first  met  her

there playing the first show and its  hard  to listen to the conversation . denise  is  not  paying attenton to the show  she  is  onright  now and now we  are talking  about pauls diet  once a again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz paul is playing  videos and talking  about  stories in the news a nd things  happening in the world

paul just farted and denise and chris in studio lost  there minds and biga  is  happy  he  is  not  in studio and because of  pauls diet  sometimes a fart  sneaks out  of  paul and does not smell good

Mr. Marcus  calls  in at 10:23pm and  we  thank him for calling  in and ask him what he  has  been doing and he  has  not filmed  anything but  is  working  on coming  back  to filming Porn again  Mr. marcus grew up in the hood and listening to NWA and F**k the Police was real  Mr. marcus  is  almost 46 years old paul and  Mr. marcus  are talking about race  and different things  paul says mr . marcus  is  bigger  than white  guys  are

Mr. marcus met Heather Lee at  the  AVn before he  was in Porn  Mr. marcus  is  asked how  it was the first  time he  did porn  on a  porn  set. he got  into porn  at  23 years old . mr. marcus is  talking about his  times on the  porn sets the main thing  is  can you Ejaculate and once he ejaculated and  could  not  get  a erection. Mr.Marcus has never ate his  own Ejaculate like paul did once

we met Mr. Marcus at the NJ Exxotica and chris loves Veronica  Rodriguez and  took pics and  vids  with her and paul says  denise  hates porn stars and denise  says  she  does  not  hate  them. paul asked Mr. Marcus  if  he likes  to be  noticed and he  said  it helps to get  in clubs and he  is born and raised in LA and  has not  changed at  all we  lost Mr.marcus  because  of bad  phone connection . and  he  blames verizon phone  service  for  the dropped  call .

Mr. marcus  has  all his  pictures  and media  and clippings  and everything he  ever did in mainstream movies and  porn. Mr. Marcus has  two calls and denise asked  Mr. Marcus what he  would  say if one  if  his girls want  to get  into the porn business and  one  of  Mr. marcus daughters is  in Modelling  now .

paul asks Mr. Marcus  if  he  wants trump or  hillary  and he  says  it is  a hard  question to answer. we discuss Hilary  and  her emails and how  she  is  not  in jail for  top secret emails. we had  a great interview with Mr.Marcus and  does  not say goodbye  to him. we talk about  the interview and  do the plugs  and  we  have  great  guests coming up in the next  few weeks