our first guest Frank Dimattero Frank Dimatteo was born into a family of mob hitmen. His father and godfather were shooters and bodyguards for infamous Mafia legends, the Gallo brothers. His uncle was a capo in the Genovese crime family and bodyguard to Frank Costello. Needless to say, Dimatteo saw and heard things that a boy shouldn’t see or hear. He discusses how he  got in the bussiness and he  wrote a book   https://www.amazon.com/President-Street-Boys-Growing-Mafia/dp/1496705475  and  hopefully turns in to a movie  if  it  works out.

frank is  16 years removed from the bussiness . as a young  kid Frank knew he  uncles and family was different then other people and did not fully know  what was going on and  what his family  was involved  in . it  was  hard  to move  around because people was  getting shot and police was always  around so they would hang  around and smoke and  drink and  laugh and have girls dance  for them .

he  would never  go back after  16 years and  he  does  not  trust anybody and  the reason he walked away somebody flipped on people and  he  walked away and  no one  was watching the door and  no one  said anything  and other people  just walked away and he would  never  go back and  he  would not  rat on people and dont  believe in it .

biga asks what Frank  knew about the murder of Louis Barbati half owner  of L&B Spumoni Gardens and  it was thought to be  a stickup and  he  had  $15,000 on him and  nothing was taken and it  is  thought it  was a stickup gone wrong and it ended up  in his death http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/co-owner-nyc-pizzeria-stirred-mob-war-shot-dead-article-1.2695112

franks kids are not  in the business and have nothing  to do with it and are doing  there own things . frank keeps intouch with some  of his old crew mates and others are dead and he  and  his  friends would laugh about  the  funny and good times and not  the bad things . frank is  on his 2nd book and  is  becoming  a pro  at  writing  books . frank does not  go to church and  does  not  regret anything  and he  did what he  had  to do to survive and make money. please buy the book frank hangs  up after a great interview

we are now  talking about how  great  the interview was and  great  it  was to talk to Frank Dimatteo  and hear  the real stories of  the mafia and realtime things that happened years  ago

we are now talking about our 2nd guest Jason Stuart and  he  is  a Actor and comic and Openly Gay and he will be  calling  up about  20 min.

we are now talking paul sleeping  in  today and paul cant make his own food and paul plays stupid clips and denise  is not  happy with that and tells paul to sleep with one eye open .

jason Stuart Calls in and says he  is  only  gay on the weekends and it  is too hard to be gay everyday and he has a straight cleaner that cleans his house . denise is  asking  questions and telling jason stuart a nd  this interview is going  downhill fast . and  jason was bought up jewish  but  he  does not  believe in Religion . and  denise brings  up every jewish food . denise is talking  about being  it is  better with circumcision and  jason said he  can call back and  you can keep things to yourself .

jason asked  why paula nd  denise  live in New Jersey and says  reality tv  is not  real and he is  in show bussiness and  he  says  it  is  done just  to  make money . jason said  he  rather be  dead and in a parking lot in his underwear then watch cops a nd reality programs like that . jason headlined comedy clubs for  20 or  25  years  and he  said  he  came out in 1993  and had  a  girlfriend and she  always  asked  if  he  was gay and he  would lie  and say no to her .

jason talks  about his work in movies and his  thoughts of  the businees

jason asked paul and denise if  there democratic  or republican and paul cant vote and then Jason is  talking about  why you dont believe Hillary and he  does  not  like Trump and thinks Hillary is  much  better then Trump . jason is  friends with Rosie rosie o’donnell and  thinks  she  is  the best  and thinks people  should read more about  hillary other then just  read  headlines and listen to trump too.

watch birth of  a nation and  vote for Hillary and jason is  doing  2  bumpers for Dysfunctional Podcast . and it  was  very  funny . jason podcast  is  not  as rumbustious as dysfunctional podcast .

denise asked jason the same question they asked  alot  of people is it  gay  if paul eats  his  own ejaculate off of denise’s ass and jason said everyone  is  a snow flake and he  would not  hang up on anybody . Jason is in Los Angles and  going  to a friends play and is  moderating a Q and A afterwards.

we talk about how good  of  a  interview we had  with Jason Stuart and how paul and denise were  talking too much . and we  bring  up prior arguments with paul and denise and it  gets very awkward  for biga . so is  paul is gay or  not is  the  question we  are out  of  here  for  this  week