Our guest  tonight is Comic Geno Bisconte calling  in hopefully at  9:15pm

guess who will be  opening up this podcast  tonight . chris  opens  the  show  and does not mention  anybody but  himself and  then rectify’s  it and then we recap last week with kurt metzger and  denise’s possible dislocated knee and kurt mention our show  on compound media IN Hot water with Geno Bisconte and Aaron Berg and kurt  just texted paul and  told him his number got out  on the scene for  a few  secs and kurt  was  not  mad  at  us at  all and paul asked biga who  bumped  into kurt  for  a few mins  on tuesday and  paul plays  the perv on train and  screamed  by the ladie for  chris and we  cant  get enough of this funny  video .

this  has  been  discussed on the podcast before that most  guys  dont  notice but  paul touches his ass alot  and  scratches his ass too and  another  arguement  of  paul and denise and  paul dont  really  helping  denise  in the  house  or  taking him to places she  wants  to  go 3 mins from  there house . now paul  is  playing videos and just  proves more that  we  are doomed  as a nation .In england a bra  company was sued for  only  hiring  females trying  on bra  to test and they have  to hire males to test bras and  put  weights  on them .

chris and paul talks about biga going to headquarters and biga this  paul is  jealous that  he  cant  go to headquarters with  the hot  chicks . and paul tells  biga  a  guy  shot  himself and  sued glock  for  $75,000 and he  was  a cop too. and paul  asked biga  how  the workouts  are  doing? and  biga  worked  out  3  times  in a week.

paul asked chris how atlanta was in was in Atlanta last  week for a DJing gig and he  was only in atlanta for a few days for a one  night  gig .now  paul is talking  about  his daughter and her  boyfriend . we are talking and just trying to wait until our guest calls in at  9:15pm Geno Bisconte and now  were talking  about  opie  and  jimmy and anthony and if  paul and  biga would  go  on opie  and jimmy if  they asked  and if jimmy is  still going  to be  on sirius. paul keeps putting biga on the spot as always  . and paul ran out of news  articles and paul asked biga  if  geno will call in and  biga thinks  maybe  not because geno is at  a  fancy  dinner  with Anthony cumia and  pat  dixon and East  side dave and Geno is probably drunk  now  biga  is guessing .

biga  getting  pissed with denise and is  being rude to biga and  denise  does not  book or  bring  any guests and does denise  do the rundown? and denise said  the show is called paul and denise and at least i can talk . there trying  to call biga  and  biga is  not answering the phone . denise  thinks  she  is  so  full of  herself . denise  said she  will quit  the show and Geno will call next  week because  he  was drinking alot .

this show  is  going off the rails  and  now  Joe Cumia  is  on the air  and there talking  about  biga  and how sensitive  biga is and joe cumia is a big  trump  supporter and gets into social media  arguments  with people who dont  share the same thoughts on trump . and  joe  talks  about  his family and  how  close and  good  his  family is .

And then the shit really hits the fan… and it’s Paul’s fault again!