Denise opens the show  up and  welcomes Biga  on the phone and we discuss the 9/11 matress ad that is  a  twin matress sale  A San Antonio, Texas mattress store will be closed “indefinitely” after a commercial it posted on social media promoting a “Twin Tower sale” days before the 15th anniversary of 9/11 ignited a firestorm of criticism. and paul brings up  a  link and  paul and  biga  get  links  mixed up and we discuss about a  youtube video of a heinz ketchup handjob and ends  with  a female punching the guy in the nads . and  ballbusting and we play  another  story .  North Las Vegas police released footage on Wednesday of a Nevada murder suspect breaking a pair of handcuffs, before using a chair to climb through the roof and escape a police interview room, the Associated Press reported.  and  next  story  Cachet tried a clay face mask for the first time and it didn’t go down how she imagined. She told BuzzFeed News she followed the instructions on the package and left the mask on for a hour. “The pain was too much for me to handle,” she said. Be warned, this video is LOUD.

next  story CAUGHT ON CAM: A 71-year-old man is shot and robbed while watering his lawn in Chicago

Florida woman burns wrong car trying to get revenge on ex-boyfriend, arrested for arson.

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denise  cant  hear  biga properly and because  biga  stutters and paul gives the show  to denise  and all she  talks  about paul does not  change his  underwear and  denise  is  bored and wants  to end  the  show  20 mins  into  it .

i asked denise  and  paul if  any  damage  to the fake storm and  of  course  no  damage to the  house  or  trees and  we  tied down everything  for  nothing and we talked  about  the  good weather and  we went  to Ants  party and sang  Karaoke and had alot of  fun and now  paul and denise  is  arguing  about paul not paying to  denise  at  the party  and what  did denise  drink  at the party . A man is accused of going on a very strange crime spree on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend.


Oak Bluffs police say Felix Reagan committed a series of crimes that left a dog painted purple on Saturday afternoon.

denise  got a new  haircut and  biga thinks  looks beautiful. and  paul  asks biga  what is coming  up next week and  biga said nothing  much . and paul and denise  argue  again .

paul keeps giving the show to denise  and biga but makes  rules cant  be  about  charity or  about  paul and denise  is part  of pauls life and paul and  denise  are  arguing how paul does not  shower unless he  wants to get  some  action and paul  tries  to brig  biga  in to the conversation . and  apparently paul is  a ASShole according  to denise and there arguing so much and denise  is  about  to leave  the program and it  is  getting  uncomfortable for  me .

paul and biga  keep talking  and discuss about compund  media and about biga  and about the  compound media shows it  so  good . and  we end  this  bollocks