Will denise  be  on the show  after  last  weeks awkward fight  with paul and denise and who will open  the show  for  this special Wednesday episode with Comic Geno Bisconte . denise is  on the show  but mad at  paul and only wants  to talk to biga and denise  did  a  good  deed today and  then Paul plays  a video about Michael Jackson . michael gavin calls the  podcast  and  said this  is  very  disturbing about Michael jackson and possible pediphile ring . paul  asks biga  if  he  would go with michael  jackson if  he  got  a call and  biga  said yes  as a kid  not  now  and  michael gavin said  bobo would .

geno calls in and  thought  it  was 8:30pm and he  confirmed it  with  biga  3  times and geno starts  out  with  a bang . were talking about In hot water with aaron berg on compound media. and Geno said  he loves having biga  at his  show  and  paul said biga  should be  looking for a job and not  at  compond media studio 9 hours. geno says twichels is  a idiot and  we  go  on a louis  twitchel rant  how  gay  louis twitchels is

geno was a banker  and was bored with it  and did comedy and  bombed and thought he  was great and  he  bombed twice  and  lucky he  did bomb but  if  he  did not he  would  of  thought  anyone  can do it  but  its  not  as  easy . geno  moved  to ny from  philly in 2001. geno  has a  spot  and had  to run  and  we thanked geno  for being  on  our show  and  did a bumper  for  us .

paul  says biga  has to  try  harder  to get  a job and not  go to compound  studio all the time and biga  says he  has  been  trying  hard  and has  a resume  on indeed and paul said biga  should use  carreer builder and  Monster and biga  says he  would work whenever  he  had  to . and paul asked biga where he  would like  to live  and  biga  said he would live  in a tropical private island and denise said she  would live anywhere paul is  not

were talking  about Hillary Clinton and  paul asked  me  if  biga  thinks  hillary will die  and  biga  thinks she  is far worse then what they think and  she  has  a far  worse issue  then there saying because they were  pressed  to say something  and hillary is  more  sick  then people  are  saying .

we are talking about alot  of  crazy news stories and really  sick people out  there and paul  keeps bringing  up how biga  is  always at  compound media studios but  biga  has  a life  to and will be  at  doctors appointment .and  we  will finish this  bollox  up  and  no  show  on friday and we will be  back  sometime next week