Matt just  called in and  he saw me  open  for  Anthony running late and we talk about American Ninja Warrior and how biga  and paul got 50 secs of  airtime on American  Ninja Warrior
Bobo comes on the line and  his mom says he  is not impressed  with Celebrities  and now  kissing  MAtt ISeman Ass and  Mama Kurlan will kick Dan’s ass.
and Mama Kurlan likes the Dysfucntional Podcast crew
bobo tries to ask Matt a question and his dog goes crazy and  cant hear anything
matt Iseman has made  friends  with Ricky Williams which is  both on Celebrity Appentice  and made  friends  with Boy George and vince Neil . and now  were  talking about O&A and  Assualt on the Media  and Matt tried to do one  and  it  was  not  live so epic fail
matt talks about a sneek peek of  the Celebrity Apprentice trailer they taped it on set of UNiversal studio on New yoork set . and he  has talked about the show  coming in Jan 2017 .
mama kurlan  just busts  in our conversation and  starts talking about i dont  know  what she  is  saying but she  will answer any question honestly . mama kurlan was  a cop and  now  a nurse . bobo and  matt should do a cooking segment on Home  and  Family and  that would be  fun to watch .and mama kurlan thinks Bobo has  a  gift and  has a good  heart .
Matt is  on the phone and thinking what he  got  himself  into with bobo and Mama kurlan.matt thought mama kurlan  was so sweet and  paul wanted  to make her  cry  on pure  emotions. we are now  talking about Rosie O’donnell and that movie  about  the bus .
paul wants  to do the American Ninja Warrior course with biga and  bobo next  spring . and  video it and  have  so fun to watch it and  then Matt tells us behind the scenes at American Ninja Warrior and how  they film it and how  they film the home packages . were now talking about tv shows a nd  how  they show too much  in the previews.
talking  about  reality shows and the  good ones and bad  ones  and  behind the scenes of  different shows
talking about allison and skip bedell on catch a contractor and we talk about  how to pronounce Akbar Gbaja-biamila and more talk about american ninja warrior  behind the scenes and  we  got in a tent we were not  suppose  to be  in and telling matt what we  talked our  way into . and biga  and  paul had  a great  time in philly  for  the  American Ninja Warrior . and  Matt tries  to  put  in movie  references and O&A references and never knows what the show will use
we talk about  Facebook live and MAtt loves  to mention O&A references and  talk  to Ben Ratner and Dennis Mothershuck and  biga and  get the jokes  and  references . and we talk about  how we  find  old friends on Facebook and  know  what there doing because  of  social media . we are now  talking  about  twitter and the  people  on Twitter .
were talking about games on the phone and it’s  called free but it cost money to level up and do better on the game . and  not  free anymore. and were  all on the phone and laptops  all the time and  its  not  healthy but  we all do it  all the time .
were talking  and  big brother . and everything  about the show…biga  does not watch big brother and this is boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
paul tells  biga  to ask matt a question and i dont  know what to ask and  paul does this all the  time and were talking more about American Ninja Warrior and how  they make  the  obstacles and how  tough they make  them to keep it fair but to push the ninja warriors