Bree Olson – Charlie Sheen / Porn Careers / Veganism / Opie and Jimmy / Howard Stern

We start off as Chris arrives, talking about people commenting about Big A and my weight loss. Apparently some people think I am sick because I lost so much weight. Some people complained that I sweat a lot when I danced at our company convention last year.

We are joined by the wonderful Bree Olson.

We discuss her porn career, what she did before, her relationships, Charlie Sheen, HIV and pills that stop you catching it, Opie and Jimmy, Howard Stern, being a Vegan (sometimes!), how people don’t value the lives of all animals the same and favor their pets, and much more.

Big A is quiet throughout the interview, and it appears he was jerking off the whole time Bree was on the phone.

Denise gets mad as we are talking to another porn star, but realizes when we have a great guest.

She chastises me for not slamming her for being a Vegan, but I tell her we don’t want to alienate one of our best guests so far!

We watch some crazy viral videos, and laugh as Big A can’t see them as he isn’t in studio.

There is some discussion of our upcoming guest in a few weeks, Nina Hartley.

It comes up that Big A getting free tickets to UFC in Newark, NJ, and the Jew is still complaining about paying for parking.

Really enjoyed a great interview with Bree.

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