Mike Young Comedian / Director – A Stand Up Guy

Welcome to another edition of the Dysfunctional Podcast, with No Filter Paul and Denise, joined by Chris and Big A.

We start the show with Denise talking about her surgery and recovery, and we get to see her knee scar on camera.

Mike Young, Director of the new movie ‘A Stand Up Guy’, joins us and we talk about how much we liked the movie, which we got to see last night.

We are very impressed with the acting and directing in the movie, and how he developed the characters.

We talk about his beginnings as a stand up comedian, and the lucky breaks he has had in the TV and movie business.

He discusses working for Kayne West on a new TV show, along with an Eminem project.

He has two upcoming movie projects, and is trying his hand at directing something other than a comedy next.

He talks about how he got his first movie made, and how he managed to get such great actors for his projects.

Later, after Denise nearly passes out from her pain meds, we discuss anti-depressants, weight loss pills and surgery, and the new female “viagara”.

We bring up Big A’s pending date with Lady Trucker, and then talk about Kurt’s man crush on a few of the “bears” from the office.

Chris’ new release which is available here: http://classic.beatport.com/release/sustained/1685385

You can hear, and download, some of his other stuff here: http://www.djsubjectenglish.com